7 Approaches for Programmatic Optimization

There is no single way to optimize programmatic inventory, mainly because not all publishers are working with the same demand sources. Each demand source partner may be using different platforms. Publishers that use multiple-demand source platforms have many challenges, and among them is data aggregation. There is no single way to optimize programmatic inventory, mainly […]

How to solve your ad monetization data nightmare?

Data is very critical. Every ad monetization lead who manages digital advertising faces the same problem: how to aggregate and analyze data across multiple platforms.  This task is a complete nightmare. On average, a publisher’s monetization team spends between 2-3 days a week downloading spreadsheets & compiling data just to have the ability to start analyzing […]

Is running Anonymous hurting you?

If you’re a publisher and if you’re using Google Ad Exchange, you will be familiar with Google Ad Exchange pricing rules, where they allow you to set minimum price for your inventory below which Advertisers are not allowed to bid. But there is more to it. Let’s dive into some details. Publishers can set pricing […]

Is the AT&T acquisition of Appnexus good for the ecosystem?

https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20180625005372/en/ATT-Acquire-AppNexus AT&T and Appnexus just announced the acquisition. Is this good for the ecosystem? I would say so. The more options publishers have, the better for the ecosystem and the more scope for optimization. Competitive ecosystems drive more innovation. Pretty much all the innovation we are seeing today in programmatic started 8-9 yrs back with […]

RTK.IO: New Data Connection

We’ve added support for RTK.IO: A leader in header bidding technology, RTK provides a platform for managing header bidding, real time bidding (RTB), and ad operations. From an integrated user interface, you can configure, install, and implement a complete header bidding solution across your sites while also leveraging real-time highly flexible analytics. You can take […]

How do you increase revenues in Google AdX?

The revenue you earn from Google Adx is proportional to the ad request volume, fill rate (or coverage) & AdCPM. As a monetization team member, you would have little control over the ad request volume. The fill rate & AdCPM you receive depends on the price floor that’s set on Google Adx. So, effectively, the […]

How do I optimize floor price for Google Adx?

Ideally, you would require 4 things to be able to optimize Google Adx Price Floors optimally: Granular set of pricing rules covering every combination of adunit, adsize, country, device category, browser, operating system, etc. This can run into 100s of rules even if you consider only high volume segments Algorithm which looks into win rates, […]

Introducing our most sought-after feature yet: Custom Groupings

We just released our most sought-after feature yet: Custom Groupings Our customers have been asking us to provide a feature where they are able to define their own customized groupings of any dimension. For example: Many of our customers get traffic from multiple countries. However, it does not make sense to analyse data across 200 […]