You, the Publisher, are leaving significant money on the table and need better tools & solutions now to leverage this programmatic opportunity to the maximum. We propose programmatic yield management platform for you.

Immediate results

Watch attributable lifts within days of using Tercept

Get started in minutes

Zero integration/engineering effort to get started. All the overhead is managed by us!

Machine Learning Algorithms

Precise, Powerful & Automated


Folks at Tercept come with over a decade of experience building & scaling a leading demand side platform. We know how buyer technologies work and want to apply counter strategies to help publishers.


10s of leading publishers work with us. Our business model is completely aligned to the publisher making incremental revenue & more importantly, we do not get paid by anybody else in this ecosystem. We don’t work on behalf of anybody else but the publisher.


Machine Learning Driven Programmatic Yield Analytics & Optimization

Tercept uses user level and bid level data to unlock vast opportunities for improving yields. Let Tercept manage your open auctions, sit back and watch your revenue grow.

Tercept works with your existing demand, within your defined constranits and shows results.

About Us


Adexchanges have disrupted the display advertising market creating massive opportunities for buyers and sellers of media. They are supposed to be fair market places facilitating the transacting of media by driving efficiency and transparency.

Demand Side Platforms & Agency Trading Desks have evolved significantly in this programmatic landscape and use data (1st party, 3rd party), bidding algorithms & technology to drive down CPMs and improve ROI for advertisers.

In this new order, publishers are in a disadvantageous position due to the lack of tools & expertise at their disposal to fight this battle. The ecosystem is imbalanced and weighed heavily againt the publisher. Things get worse when we take into account that they largest adexchnges in the market have large demand side businesses of their own as well as run large owned & operated properties which will take higher priority as compared to their 3rd party publishers.

We have vast experience in programmatic advertising space. We have built adserving and DSP technologies and monetized them across the globe. We strongly feel that the current ecosystem is heavily weighed against the publisher and have started Tercept with the vision to help publishers navigate programmatic easily & refocus their energies on what they do best – serve their consumers.


We will help you improve your revenue from your programmatic inventory.

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