Machine Learning Driven Ad Revenue Analytics & Optimization for Digital Publishers


Machine Learning Driven Programmatic Yield Analytics & Optimization


Tercept’s machine learning algorithms work on the publishers’​ existing demand stack (Adexchanges & SSPs like Adx, Rubicon, Pubmatic, Appnexus, AOL, OpenX, Index, etc) and automatically optimizes pricing floors in real-time, at a granular level, by crunching GBs of data & analyzing buying patterns. Further, we are able to fine-tune the pricing by running A/B testing of multiple price floors simultaneously & setting the perfect floor at any point in time.

Due to the second price auction, there is a big gap between what the buyer is willing to pay and what the publisher ends up earning. Hence, Pricing floors is a key lever under the publisher’s control to optimize programmatic revenues. However, setting the right pricing floors requires deep analysis & constant monitoring. Under-pricing or over-pricing the inventory can result in dramatic fluctuations in revenue since it directly impacts the fill rate. Further, it is not possible to manually manage many pricing floors, hence the effort becomes superficial.

Tercept’s technology is able to boost the publisher’s Yield & CPMs by more than 100%.

No new demand, no new integrations, higher CPMs & Revenue.



Tercept Analytics aggregates all your data automatically organizes it in real-time into one single dashboard. We have listed the prominent features below:

  • Proprietary API integrations with all leading ad-servers, adexchanges, supply side platforms, Google Analytics, marketing platforms like FB Marketing, Google Adwords, etc
  • Data normalization, Unification of Dimensions & Metrics for OLAP analysis
  • Setup & automatically track custom metrics like Page RPM, GA Bounce Rate Vs. Ad Revenue, CPM by Page Category in GA & several others.
  • Powerful pivot style analytics, charting & visualization
  • Automatically send data in real-time into Google Studio, Google Spreadsheets, Tableau, Qlik, Big Query, Microsoft Power BI, Amazon QuickSight, Fusioncharts & many others analytics tools
  • API / FTP support for pulling data in real-time into your custom dashboards/tools

With Tercept’s Unified Analytics, you spend less time with tedious non-productive activities like juggling clunky reporting logins & monitoring metrics, discrepancies; And you spend more time generating insights, serving your customers & closing deals.

We’ve made it super easy to get started – click a few buttons & start seeing your data within 5 minutes on the Tercept dashboard. (No integrations required).

Boost your monetization teams’​ productivity & optimize your programmatic efforts today!

Immediate results

Watch attributable lifts within days of using Tercept

Get started in minutes

Zero integration/engineering effort to get started. All the overhead is managed by us!

Machine Learning Algorithms

Precise, Powerful & Automated


Folks at Tercept come with over a decade of experience building & scaling a leading demand side platform. We know how buyer technologies work and want to apply counter strategies to help publishers.


Several marquee publishers trust us. Our business model is completely aligned to the publisher making incremental revenue & more importantly, we do not get paid by anybody else in this ecosystem. We don’t work on behalf of anybody else but the publisher.

Built for Big Data Analytics

The Tercept platform is built to handle 100s of GBs of data effortlessly enabling deep analysis at scale

Our Customers

  • Within a few months, Tercept has been able to more than double eBay's Revenue from Google Adx through automated price floor optimization.

    Anish Nair, Manager – Programmatic, eBay IndiaAnish Nair, Manager – Programmatic, eBay India
  • Tercept's Unified Analytics Platform has helped us save a lot of time aggregating data across all our monetization partners. They have a flexible, user friendly & reliable platform which is conducive for in-depth analysis. The Tercept team has been very responsive and has helped us quickly setup many custom metrics which we track on a regular basis.

    Karthik Iyer, VP Product, CureJoyKarthik Iyer, VP Product, CureJoy

About Us

Machine Learning Driven Yield Analytics & Optimization for Digital Publishers

Ad-exchanges have disrupted the display advertising market creating massive opportunities for buyers and sellers of media. They are supposed to be fair market places facilitating the transacting of media by driving efficiency and transparency.

Demand Side Platforms & Agency Trading Desks have evolved significantly in this programmatic landscape and use data (1st party, 3rd party), bidding algorithms & technology to drive down CPMs and improve ROI for advertisers.

In this new order, publishers are at a disadvantage due to the lack of tools & expertise at their disposal to fight this battle. The ecosystem is imbalanced and weighed heavily against the publisher. Things get worse when we take into account that they largest adexchanges in the market have large demand side businesses of their own as well as run large owned & operated properties which will take higher priority as compared to their 3rd party publishers.

With almost a decade of experience with programmatic advertising & having built Asia’s leading DSP – Vizury from scratch, Tercept & team are passionate about helping publishers navigate the challenges of the programmatic ecosystem & maximise their Revenue.

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Machine Learning Driven Ad Revenue Analytics & Optimization for Digital Publishers

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