The biggest challenge faced by digital publishers is to collect and aggregate data from its various data points. We make it easy to collect, organize and present any form of structured & un-structured data. We can collect data through any connections you use and present them in one place.

Adding DoubleVerify by Google connector is easy. Use your credentials and Tercept will extract your data. See your metrics on our Unified Analytics Dashboard instantly.

Dimension Metrics
Ad Server Campaign Code % of All KW Blocks
Advertiser Name % of All KW Incidents
App Age Rating Allowed Impressions
App Developer Allowed Rate
App ID Audible Impressions
App Name Audible Measured Impressions
App Store Audible Rate
App Store Category Audible Video Viewable Impressions
App bundle Audible Video Viewable Rate
Brand Audible Viewable Impressions
Campaign Audible Viewable Rate
Country Audible and In-View on Completion Impressions
DMA/MMA Audible and In-View on Completion Rate
Delivery Site Authentic Display Viewable Impressions
Device Delivery Type Authentic Display Viewable Rate
Display Creative Code Authentic Impressions
HSC Page Level Categories Authentic Rate
High-sev App Categories Authentic Video Viewable Impressions
High-sev Site Categories Average App Star Reviews
Keyword String Average Time (s) – Display Authentic Viewable
LSC Page Level Categories Average Time (s) – Display Creative on Page
Low-sev App Categories Average Time (s) – Display Viewable Impressions
Low-sev Site Categories Block Rate
Measurement Certification Status Blocking Violations
Media Property Blocks
Media Type Blocks from KW String
Mobile App Categories Bot Fraud Block Rate
Mobile OS Bot Fraud Blocks
Placement Code Bot Fraud Incidents
Placement Name Bot Fraud Rate
Placement Size Brand Safe Impressions
Site Categories Brand Safe Rate
State/Region Brand Safety Block Rate
Traffic Validity Brand Safety Blocks
Brand Safety Incident Rate
Brand Safety Incidents
Completed Impressions
Display Eligible Impressions
Display Measured Impressions
Display Measurement Rate
Display Viewable Impressions
Display Viewable Rate
Emulator Incidents
Emulator Rate
Fraud Block Rate
Fraud Blocks
Fraud Incidents
Fraud Rate
In Geo Impressions
In Geo Rate
Incidents from KW String
Injected Ads Block Rate
Injected Ads Blocks
Injected Ads Incidents
Injected Ads Rate
Key Message Exposure Impressions
Key Message Exposure Rate
Middleware Block Rate
Middleware Blocks
Miscellaneous Block Rate
Miscellaneous Blocks
Mobile App Store Category Block Rate
Mobile App Store Category Blocks
Mobile App Store Category Incident Rate
Mobile App Store Category Incidents
Monitored Impressions
New Site Block Rate
New Site Blocks
No Domain Block Rate
No Domain Blocks
Total Time (hr) – Display Authentic Viewable
Total Time (hr) – Display Creative on Page
Total Time (hr) – Display Viewable Impressions
Total Violations
Unique Incident Rate
Unique Incidents
Video Eligible Impressions
Video Eligibli Impressions
Video Measured Impressions
Video Measurement Rate
Video Viewable Impressions
Video Viewable Rate