Unified Analytics


Tercept Unified Analytics automatically aggregates, normalizes & organizes all monetization data (adservers, adexchanges, adnetworks, SSPs, Prebid), all analytics data (GA/Omniture, Firebase, Mixpanel, Localytics, Appsflyer) and all marketing data (FB marketing, AdWords, Youtube, Push Notifications, Emailers) into a single dashboard with powerful visualization & charting capabilities.
Analytics teams can setup data transformations & create custom reports that combine/map data across data sources. They can also automatically send data into visualization dashboards (Tableau, Looker, Google Studio, etc) & predefined Google Spreadsheets for easy reporting & data consumption. With Tercept’s Unified Analytics, you spend less time with tedious non-productive activities like juggling clunky reporting logins & monitoring metrics, discrepancies; And you spend more time generating insights, serving your customers & closing deals. 

Use Cases


Automated granular programmatic reporting (consolidated & normalized reporting across all your partners).


Third party ad-server discrepancy tracking (1P-3P) reports: for your direct campaigns as well as tag-based indirect inventory partnerships.


Comprehensive monitoring & alerting (across every partner, every dimension, every metric) that can send notifications on Slack, SMS, Email and/or Google Chat.


Accurate Ad-Revenue Attribution tto traffic acquisition campaigns, app-install partnerships, push notifications & other marketing activities. (Revenue tracking for user-cohorts.)


Track Prebid Analytics metrics like Timeouts, Bid Rates, Win Rates, Coverage, Bid Density, Load Times, Consent Rates & Bid/Win CPMs.


Powerful pivot style analytics, charting & visualizations with integrations to BI tools like Tableau, Data Studio, Looker, Power BI, etc
Setup data transformations, map data across data sources & track end-to-end custom metrics
Data normalization, Unification of Dimensions & Metrics for OLAP analysis
100s of Data Connections with every ad-monetization (ad-servers, ad-exchanges, SSPs, DMPs, ad-networks), analytics & marketing platforms including custom/niche data sources which do not have reporting APIs
Fetch real time data like “Real time active users” by various dimensions in Google Analytics and other sources that provide real-time data
Full Role Based Access Control: Control the list of partners, their dimensions, metrics & specific dimension members to be displayed for every individual logins/roles

We’ve made it super easy to get started – click a few buttons & start seeing your data within 5 minutes on the Tercept dashboard. (No separate integrations required).
Boost your optimization team’s productivity & maximise your returns today!

  • Tercept is a Great tool. One dashboard in one tab makes my job pretty easy than having multiple google analytic tabs to track traffic.

    David Benardete, Creative Analyst , FrontstorylogoDavid Benardete, Creative Analyst , Frontstory
  • Tercept allows us to integrate and consolidate our programmatic reporting capabilities across multiple vendors, saving us development time so we can focus more on the real analysis. The customer support is usually helpful and responsive when issues are escalated.

    Yong Chang Yi, Data Analytics Director, CarouselllogoYong Chang Yi, Data Analytics Director, Carousell
  • Simple & effective product to get a unified reporting view for monetization and the customer support is great.

    Abhinav Prakash, Lead-Revenue & Growth, InMobilogoAbhinav Prakash, Lead-Revenue & Growth, InMobi
  • Tercept is our go-to platform for all our ad monetization data. It has significantly improved data accuracy & reduced manual overhead for us. Tercept’s support has been very fast and their expertise in programmatic advertising has helped us resolve many issues.

    Vipul Bathwal, Head of Strategy & Monetization, Gaana.comlogoVipul Bathwal, Head of Strategy & Monetization, Gaana.com
  • We’ve been using Tercept Unified Analytics for over two years and the overall experience has been great so far. Tercept is compatible with every advertising partner that we have worked with. I would give them a 10/10 and I’m happy to recommend Tercept to anybody who is looking for a programmatic reporting platform.

    Abhinav Prakash, Lead-Revenue & Growth, InMobilogoDavid Aparicio, Revenue Operations Manager & Impremedia
  • It’s an easy to implement software, doesn’t require nothing from our developers. The support team is amazing and every time we have issues, even on the weekends, they handle it quickly. I would highly recommend Tercept to anybody who is looking for a unified reporting platform.

    Chen Yanko, Head of Monetization, FrontStorylogoChen Yanko, Head of Monetization, FrontStory
  • Tercept is the most affordable programmatic revenue consolidation platform and costs 3-5 times less then Burt, Adjuster, STAQ, Adomik, etc. The team is very responsive whenever we run into issues and having worked with many publishers, they are well exposed to the industry-related issues, and are able to advice on topics outside their product environment.

    Derek Bui, Revenue Operations, Programmatic, and Ad Product, TSMlogoDerek Bui, Revenue Operations, Programmatic, and Ad Product, TSM
  • Tercept is great, good service and cost-effective tool. Their customer service is brilliant, they always solve our issue within a day. Any new request they can also discuss and build the custom cube to fit our needs in less than 1 week.

    Karissa So, Senior Advertising Operations Executive, HYPEBEASTlogoKarissa So, Senior Advertising Operations Executive, HYPEBEAST