All your monetization data, analytics data & CRM / OMS data automatically aggregated & organized in one dashboard.

Unified Yield Management for Digital Publishers

Tercept monetization

All your monetization data (AdServers, AdExchanges, AdNetworks, SSPs, YouTube,DMPs), analytics data (GA, Firebase, Localytics, Appsflyer, etc) & CRM & OMS (SalesForce, FatTail, etc) automatically aggregated & organized in one dashboard.
You can easily normalize & map dimensions across data sources as well as standardize all metrics. You can also setup & track custom metrics like PageRPM by Content Category, Ad Spend Vs Ad Revenue, CPM by Source of Traffic, discrepancy metrics, pacing metrics, etc.

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100s of Data Connections
Understand which content is generating better yields
Data always updated & at your fingertips

Powerful charting & visualization
Understand where your high CPM traffic is coming from
Scheduled reports & automatic data export to Google Studio, Tableau, PowerBI, etc.

100s of Publishers Trust Tercept

Tercept Times Internet
Tercept Carousell
Tercept Quikr
Tercept News Week Media Group
Tercept SportsKeeda

Veena Ashiya
“Tercept has quickly become our single source of all data and allows us to perform more insightful analysis easily. They have a great dashboard & very responsive support. Tercept saves us several hours everyday!
Veena Ashiya, CEO, Monrow
Karthik Iyer
“Tercept’s Unified Analytics has helped us save a lot of time aggregating data across all our partners. They have a flexible, user friendly & reliable platform. Tercept’s support has been very responsive and has helped us quickly setup many custom metrics.”
Karthik Iyer, VP Product, CureJoy

Tercept Inc
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