Now we support Pushengage

PushEngage is a push notifications platform for both web and mobile, created to help sales and marketing teams segment and send web push messages automatically.

The software enables sales teams and marketers to group or segment their target audience based on custom criteria such as their landing page URLs, browsed URL history, and location among others. PushEngage then helps users create personalized notifications according to the segmentation results, leading to higher click rates and lowering the number of subscription cancellations.

PushEngage also helps users make a series of automatic Push Notifications to nurture and engage their customer base as well as implement Drip campaigns and auto-responders to empower customers to convert.

It reports on various metrics such as Push Notification Opt In rate, Revenue from Push Notification, View Rate, Click Through Rate etc.

Setting up Tercept for PushEngage reports is very easy. We need an API key. API key allows us to access PushEngage service.

When you sign up for PushEngage service, you will be provided with a unique API key, that can be found under Settings in PushEngage dashboard → Get API Key. Once the key is shared with us, data can be pulled and shown in Tercept Unified Analytics platform.

Vinay B Rao
Lead Analyst, Tercept

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