Is your current viewability the best you can achieve?

Viewability has fast become one of the most important metrics for advertisers and over the years, there have been several studies showing that on average, 50% of all impressions are not seen at all by users; which means that advertisers are paying for impressions that are not seen by anybody. This has sparked off a […]

What’s holding you back from running CPC campaigns?

Before getting into what a CPC campaign is, let us first go through what are the different types of campaigns that publishers can run using their Google Ad Manager. Publishers can mainly sell their inventory by either directly approaching advertisers, agencies and buyers and strike a deal which is called direct campaigns (guaranteed) or by […]

What do advertisers expect from publishers while running their ad campaign?

As publishers grow skeptical of their programmatic revenue (increased privacy regulation, crumbling of third party cookies, mis-alignment of incentives along the value-chain, etc), a lot of them now prefer direct monetization over programmatic channels. As this happens, it is important for publishers to understand what are some of the things that advertisers look for when […]